SAP Table T014

Credit control areas

T014 (Credit control areas) is a standard table in SAP R\3 ERP systems. Below you can find the technical details of the fields that make up this table. Key fields are marked in blue.

Additionally we provide an overview of foreign key relationships, if any, that link T014 to other SAP tables.

T014 table fields

Field Data element Checktable Datatype Length Decimals
MANDT Client MANDT T000 CLNT 3 0
KKBER Credit control area KKBER CHAR 4 0
STAFO Credit update for open order/delivery/billing document value STAFO_CM CHAR 6 0
NULL No update from SD documents
000012 Open order value on time axis, delivery and bill.doct value
000015 Open delivery and billing document value
000018 Open delivery value for sales order, open billing doct value
PERIV Fiscal Year Variant of Credit Control Area PERIV_CM T009 CHAR 2 0
CTLPC Credit Management: Risk Category New Customer CTLPD_CM T691A CHAR 3 0
KLIMK Credit limit (default setting, unless maintained by cust.) DKLIM_CM CURR 15 2
SBGRP Credit management representatives group for new customers DSBGR_CM T024B CHAR 3 0
ALLCC Indicator: Is posting possible for all company codes? ALLCC_CM CHAR 1 0
X Yes

T014 foreign key relationships

Table Field Foreign key table Foreign key field Check table Check field
T014 CTLPC T014 MANDT T691A Credit management risk categories MANDT
T014 CTLPC T014 CTLPC T691A Credit management risk categories CTLPC
T014 CTLPC T014 KKBER T691A Credit management risk categories KKBER
T014 MANDT T014 MANDT T000 Clients MANDT
T014 PERIV T014 MANDT T009 Fiscal Year Variants MANDT
T014 PERIV T014 PERIV T009 Fiscal Year Variants PERIV
T014 SBGRP T014 MANDT T024B Credit management: Credit representative groups MANDT
T014 SBGRP T014 SBGRP T024B Credit management: Credit representative groups SBGRP
T014 SBGRP T014 KKBER T024B Credit management: Credit representative groups KKBER
T014 WAERS T014 MANDT TCURC Currency Codes MANDT
T014 WAERS T014 WAERS TCURC Currency Codes WAERS