SAP Table T437S

Repetitive Manufacturing Profile Table

T437S (Repetitive Manufacturing Profile Table) is a standard table in SAP R\3 ERP systems. Below you can find the technical details of the fields that make up this table. Key fields are marked in blue.

Additionally we provide an overview of foreign key relationships, if any, that link T437S to other SAP tables.

T437S table fields

Field Data element Checktable Datatype Length Decimals
MANDT Client MANDT T000 CLNT 3 0
SFPRO Repetitive manufacturing profile SFEPR CHAR 4 0
AUART Production type SA_AUART CHAR 4 0
PKMN Repetitive manufacturing with production cost collector
SA Repetitive mfg with partial orders --> no longer supported
BACKF Post goods receipts and goods issues BACKF CHAR 1 0
1 GR and GI
2 only GR
KSART Cost collector order type KSAAR T003O CHAR 4 0
LABOR Activity backflush to product cost collector SA_LABOR CHAR 1 0
1 No activity posting
2 Post activities
BWAWA Movement type for goods issue SA_BWARTWA CHAR 3 0
BWAWE Movement type for goods receipt SA_BWARTWE CHAR 3 0
REDST Reducing production quantities in REM backflushing SA_REDST CHAR 1 0
0 No reduction of planned orders
1 Planned orders assigned to a version
2 Non-assigned planned orders including strategy 1
3 Other alternatively assigned plnd orders incl. strategy 2
REDHZ Period in which plnd ords. or RS quantities are reduced SA_REDHZ DEC 3 0
BAKOR Option for correcting backflushing errors SA_BAKOR CHAR 1 0
0 No online correction
1 Online correction mandatory
2 Optional online correction
RRETR Indicator: Backlogs from backflushing SA_RRETR CHAR 1 0
1 Do not create postprocessing records
2 Create cumulated postprocessing records
3 As 2, plus create individual postprocessing records
REPPT Backflushing with reporting points SA_REPPT CHAR 1 0
NULL Backflushing without reporting points (final backflush)
1 Backflushing with reporting points (milestone logic)
2 Backflushing with optional reporting points
AUTOWE Automatic GR in backflushing for last reporting point SA_AUTOWE CHAR 1 0
NULL No automatic GR during backflush for last reporting point
1 Automatic GR during backflush for the last reporting point
BWASC Movement type for scrap SA_BWARTSC CHAR 3 0
BWACO Movement type for by-product SA_BWARTCO CHAR 3 0
BWAWEM Movement type for GR for individual sales order SA_BWAWEM CHAR 3 0
XFAN1 Firming logic for repetitive manufacturing FXLOG CHAR 1 0
0 Do not firm
1 Always firm
2 Firm within the planning time fence
NULL Always firm
BWAWAM Movement type for GI - individual stock of sales order SA_BWAWAM CHAR 3 0
BWACR Mvmt type for GI from plant stock for sales order SA_BWACR CHAR 3 0
PLGEN Planned ord. - create for amount of reversal - GR - quantity SA_PLGEN CHAR 1 0
NULL No planned order creation
1 Create planned order for GR reversal amount on current day
2 Planned order created via asynchronous MRP
BWAWES Movement type for reversing goods receipt SA_BWRTWES CHAR 3 0
BWAWAS Movement type for reversing goods issue SA_BWRTWAS CHAR 3 0
BWASCS Movement type for reversing scrap SA_BWRTSCS CHAR 3 0
BWACOS Movement type for reversing by-product SA_BWRTCOS CHAR 3 0
BWAWEMS Movement type for reversing GR of individual sales order SA_BWAWEMS CHAR 3 0
BWAWAMS Mtype f. reversing GI of individual stock of sales order SA_BWAWAMS CHAR 3 0
BWACRS Movmt type for reversing GI from plnt stock for sales order SA_BWACRS CHAR 3 0
BCKFL Backflush with cost estimate/standard cost est. for material SA_BCKFL CHAR 1 0
NULL Using standard cost estimate for material
1 Using preliminary cost estimate for product cost collector
AGREQ Aggregated dependent requirements AGRES CHAR 1 0
NULL No totaling of dependent requirements
X Totaling of dependent requirements
NODUM No requirements for phantom assembly NODUM CHAR 1 0
X Yes
PRZST Control confirmation process CO_PRZST TPRRU CHAR 4 0
CHSMM Search procedure for batch determination KALSMA_CH T683 CHAR 6 0
RULES Stock determination rule BF_RULES T434R CHAR 4 0
BWULACT Batch Where-Used List in Repetitive Manufacturing BFBWUL CHAR 1 0
NULL Not Activated
X Activated
KZTTZ Backflush: BOM Explosion by Deadline Technical State Logic BF_TTZ CHAR 1 0
NULL BOM Explosion after old Backflush Logic
X BOM Explosion by DTS Logic
RP_KANBAN Reporting Point Confirmation with Kanban Cards SA_RPKANBAN CHAR 1 0
NULL Reporting Point Confirmation Without Kanban Cards
1 RP Confirmation w. Kanban Cards, Correction in MFBF Allowed
2 RP Conf. with Kanban Cards, Correction in MFBF Not Allowed

T437S foreign key relationships

Table Field Foreign key table Foreign key field Check table Check field
T437S CHSMM T437S CHSMM T683 Pricing procedures KALSM
T437S CHSMM T437S MANDT T683 Pricing procedures MANDT
T437S CHSMM 'H' T683 Pricing procedures KVEWE
T437S CHSMM 'ME' T683 Pricing procedures KAPPL
T437S KSART T437S MANDT T003O Order Types CLIENT
T437S KSART T437S KSART T003O Order Types AUART
T437S MANDT T437S MANDT T000 Clients MANDT
T437S PRZST T437S MANDT TPRRU Control table for process chain for confirmation MANDT
T437S PRZST '05' TPRRU Control table for process chain for confirmation AUTYP
T437S PRZST T437S PRZST TPRRU Control table for process chain for confirmation PRZST
T437S RULES T437S MANDT T434R Stock determination rule MANDT
T437S RULES T437S RULES T434R Stock determination rule RULES