Customizing: MM Configuration

TCURM (Customizing: MM Configuration) is a standard table in SAP R\3 ERP systems. Below you can find the technical details of the fields that make up this table. Key fields are marked in blue.

Additionally we provide an overview of foreign key relationships, if any, that link TCURM to other SAP tables.

TCURM table fields

Field Data element Checktable Datatype Length Decimals
MANDT Client MANDT T000 CLNT 3 0
BWKRS_CUS Valuation area setting BWKRS_CUS CHAR 1 0
1 Valuation area = plant
2 Valuation area = several plants
3 Valuation area = company code
GMATB_CUS Split material valuation active/not active GMATB_CUS CHAR 1 0
0 Split material valuation not active
1 Split material valuation active
BWMOD_CUS Valuation grouping code active/not active BWMOD_CUS CHAR 1 0
0 Valuation grouping code not active
1 Valuation grouping code active
LIFOB_CUS LIFO valuation active/not active LIFOB_CUS CHAR 1 0
0 LIFO valuation not active
1 LIFO valuation active
MYKEY_CUS Balance Sheet Valuation Level MYKEY_CUS CHAR 1 0
1 Valuation area
2 Company code
LVS_CUS WM active/not active LVS_CUS CHAR 1 0
0 WM not active
1 WM active
MBEQU Material block for goods movements MBEQU CHAR 1 0
NULL Lock exclusively
2 Late lock
FIFOB_CUS FIFO valuation active/ not active FIFOB_CUS CHAR 1 0
0 FIFO valuation not active
1 FIFO valuation active
MYFKY_CUS FIFO valuation area, Customizing MYFKY_CUS CHAR 1 0
1 FIFO valuation at valuation area level
2 FIFO valuation at company code level
MYMP_CUS Actual valuation area, tables MYMP, MYMP1, and MYMS MYMP_CUS CHAR 1 0
1 MYMP at valuation area level
2 MYMP at company code level
KONSI Consignment processing via consignment info record KONSI_ABW CHAR 1 0
LEERG_ABW Empties processing active LEERG_ABW CHAR 1 0
LEERG_INIT Empties initialization carried out LEERG_INIT CHAR 1 0
MMKON_CUS Show delivered qty. in contract release order documentation MMKON_CUS CHAR 1 0
X Yes
MBVAL Subsequent calculation of value active MBVAL CHAR 1 0
NULL Calculation of value is not active
X Calculation of value active
E Calculation of value ended
MBLOCKWAIT Waiting time for late block MB_LOCK_WAIT NUMC 3 0
MBWO Subsequent calculation of value allowed MBWO CHAR 1 0
NULL Split calculation of value is not allowed
X Split calculation of value is allowed
CHARG Chargeable Processing via Chargeable Info Record CHARG_ABW CHAR 1 0
ARP_CUS Valuation Level for Average Receipt Price ARP_CUS CHAR 1 0
1 Valuation area
2 Company code
MRMENQUEUE Logistics Invoice Verification: Time of the Material Block MRM_ENQUEUE_TYPE CHAR 1 0
NULL Material is blocked at first read
1 Material is blocked when invoice is simulated
2 Material is blocked when invoice is posted
SUPSTRGLOC Issuing Storage Location Active SUPL_STORG_LOC_ACT CHAR 1 0
X Yes
CONS_HND Consignment Processing Active WRF_CONS_HND CHAR 1 0
X Yes
CONS_RET Return to Vendor with Consignment via Shipping Processing WRF_CONS_RETURN CHAR 1 0
X Yes
MLNEW No Transaction-Related Closing Documents in the ML MLNEW CHAR 1 0
NULL Old Procedure: Transaction-Related ML Document Created
X New Procedure: No Transaction-Related ML Document
MBSVB Late DB Update for Goods Movements MBSVB CHAR 1 0
NULL Late DB Update not Active
1 Late DB Update Active
X Yes

TCURM foreign key relationships

Table Field Foreign key table Foreign key field Check table Check field