Form Routines for Requirements/Formulas/Data Transports

TFRM (Form Routines for Requirements/Formulas/Data Transports) is a standard table in SAP R\3 ERP systems. Below you can find the technical details of the fields that make up this table. Key fields are marked in blue.

Additionally we provide an overview of foreign key relationships, if any, that link TFRM to other SAP tables.

TFRM table fields

Field Data element Checktable Datatype Length Decimals
GRPZE Group indicator for copying control GRPZE CHAR 4 0
ABED Copying requirements in the order
ADAT Data transfer in the order
CASB Copying requirements for sales activities
CASC Data transfer for sales activities
CHBE Batch search strategies
CHRG Batch requirements
CHMV Stock requirements
EXKO Export requirements
FBED Copying requirements in the billing document
FDAT Data transfer in the billing document
FOFU Subsequent functions
LBED Copying requirements in the delivery
LDAT Data transfer in the delivery
LST1 Info blocks for RV reporting
MCA1 Work item requirements (MCA = Activity)
MCA2 Work item formulas (MCA = Activity)
MCB1 Stock control requirements
MCB2 Stock control formulas
MCE1 PURCHIS Requirements
MCE2 PURCHIS formulas
MCF1 SFIS requirements
MCF2 SFIS formulas
MCI1 PM requirements
MCI2 PM formulas
MCL1 WS requirements in LIS
MCL2 WS requirements in LIS
MCQ1 QMIS requirements
MCQ2 QMIS formulas
MCV1 SIS requirements
MCV2 SIS formulas
MCW1 RIS requirements
MCW2 RIS formulas
MCZ1 External data requirements
MCZ2 External data formula
PBED Pricing requirements
PBEF Material determination requirements
PBEK Account determination requirements
PBEL Material listing requirements
PBEN Output control requirements
PBNA Free goods requirements
CMPD Requirements for Campaign Determination
PBWV Requirements for pricing
PFRA Pricing formulas: Condition basis
PFRM Pricing formulas: Condition value
PFRS Pricing formulas: Scale basis
PSTK Structure of scale key for pricing
REAK Archiving for orders
REKA Archiving for sales activities
RERK Archiving for billing documents
RISK Risk management (form of payment guarantee)
TBED Copying requirements for texts
TDAT Data transfer involving texts
TNAM Text names for word processing
TXNM Text names for copying modules (out of date)
VCAU Authorization requirements for payment cards
VKMP Credit check requirements
VSEL Data transfer for shipping units
RELK Archiving for deliveries
MCT1 TIS requirements
MCT2 TIS formulas
VFCL Multi-dimensional scales
MCU2 UIS forms (Utility Information System)
MCU1 UIS requirements
TRAU Data transfer transport
PACK Conditions:Determinatn of pack.instructions/ be packed
SPEV Validation Routines for Inbound Deliveries
BBYR Bonus Buy Conditions
OIAA IS-Oil Exchanges: User exit (Swap Partner Business)
OICA IS-Oil MAP : User exit (Marketing, Accouting,Pricing)
OIDA IS-Oil MCOE : User exit (Marketing, Contracts & Order Entry)
OIRA IS-Oil SSR : User exit (Service Station Retailing)
OIUA IS-Oil PRA : User exit (Production & Revenue Accounting)
GRPNO Number of the routine used for copying GRPNO NUMC 3 0
AKTIV Routine has been activated AKTIV_TFRM CHAR 1 0
X Yes
KAPPL Application KAPPL T681A CHAR 2 0
GNDAT Date of last generation GNDAT DATS 8 0
GNZEI Time of last generation GNZEI TIMS 6 0

TFRM foreign key relationships

Table Field Foreign key table Foreign key field Check table Check field
TFRM KAPPL TFRM KAPPL T681A Conditions: Applications KAPPL