SAP Data Extractor

leanxtractor - sap data extractor

Download tables from SAP with ease to feed your business intelligence and analytics solutions

Large table support

Download tables and views of any size. The extractor will automatically split large tables into manageable chunks and pieces them back together in the background.


Keeps your SAP instance compliant. The data extractor uses build in RFC functionality to perform downloads. There is no need to install an ABAP in your system. The extractor honors all build in authorizations and load balancing. System administrators worried about security of performance can log the user and trace all actions taken by the extractor.

Fast setup

A regular SAP user with RFC access is all you need to get started.

Data profiles

Automatically download multiple tables at once with our data profile generator. The data profile will limit the columns to be downloaded and places the relevant filters so that only the data is fetched that is in scope of the analysis.

Ad-hoc downloads

Ability to perform single table downloads to allow ad-hoc analytics.

MS SQL Server

Download data directly to MS SQL Server. Data types in SAP are mirrored in MS SQL Server ensuring the data integrity. There is no need to manually clean and convert data.