Audit Analytics

Our audit analytics solution wraps all of the business analytics in an easy to use self-service platform that manages your engagements and handles all data processing for a variety of source systems.


Data Acquisition

We provide your auditors and IT specialists with the tools and guides required to acquire data from clients with ease. As an example we have developed a data extractor for SAP that runs locally on a laptop and doesn’t require an installation on the SAP instance itself. Data extraction can start in minutes as opposed to sometimes months needed to get a change to the production system approved. Our extractor can read data profiles that are automatically generated by the platform based on the scope of the audit. So you’re always sure that you have all the data needed in a single download.

Data Validation

The platform has multiple data quality gateways ensuring that your data is complete and accurate. Our data extractors already perform a first check right at the clients’ location so you don’t leave the clients premises without the required dataset. Data is validated throughout the whole process. When loading the data on the platform, performing tests and calculations and rendering the visualizations. We provide a complete audit trail of all actions that have handled the data providing visual confirmation that the data your auditor is working in is complete, accurate and ties back to the financial statements.

Data Processing

Your IT specialists will love the data processing functionalities of our platform. Rendering analytics is as simple as connecting or uploading the data and selecting the analytics to be executed. Our platform will run all the required scripts in the background automagically. Yes, you read it right. There is some magic involved. Data processing can even be done by an IT savvy auditor.

Data Visualization

Each analytic comes with a rich dashboard that allows the auditor to slice and dice the data and gain understanding of the complete population. Auditors can share snapshots of the dashboard with their team and collaborate in real time.

Work papers and case management

Based on the selections made in the dashboard the auditor can easily group records into buckets for which the risk can be explained or mitigated and those records that require further attention. Records selected for investigation can be added to predefined work papers facilitating structured and fast documentation.